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The Headhunter

The Killer Machine.

My first two (unreleased) units.

The Dragon's Tooth Mine.

The Razorback special edition

The Ketzer is the Razorback's counter.

The Assist and Repair Vehicle, my second released unit.

Two Flower ARVs beautifying a Core base.

The Banisher special edition.

A swarm of wrens.
The Wren was designed as a scout for late-game combat. One of its missiles takes out
all jammers and radars inside a radius of two screens. But it can fire only two of
these powerful projectiles.

The Arm Superlab.

The Blockbuster provides the fasted method of placing Dragon's Teeth on the Map.
Order it to land, press CRTL-D and ... it becomes a massive barrier!

Xubor units on one screen.

3do builder shots.